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Some of the best interiors inspiration is now to be found online. Gareth Wyn Davies rounds up our favourite blogs.

Abigail Ahern

Ahern’s white-text-on-black-background blog looks as dramatic as the zeitgeisty interiors that she creates. Like them it is also intimate, with chatty tips (illustrated with lots of arresting pictures) on everything from hanging art to ‘zoning’ space, as well as trends and tricks of the trade.

Apartment Therapy

No top 20 would be complete without that behemoth of blogs/forums, Apartment Therapy. Despite its size and reach – and it really is huge, with dizzyingly frequent updates, and posts from around the world – it retains a sense of community. It’s primarily pictorial, with the main feature being House Tours of hipsters’ homes, though it mixes these with practical tips.

The Beat that My Heart Skipped

‘A blog dedicated to daily design inspirations’ reads the sub head. Which roughly translates as ‘nirvana for rubberneckers’. The aesthetic is pretty catholic: furniture one day it might be an austerely simple Georgian country house, the next something mid-century modern in the south London suburbs.

Ben Pentreathde

It’s not just Ben Pentreath’s interiors shop in Bloomsbury, London, that we’ve fallen in love with; we’re huge fans of his charming blog and even more charming parsonage in Dorset, too. Gratifyingly for nosy types, the parsonage and its enchanting cottage-style garden often crop up in said blog. He’s a cultured so-and-so, is Pentreath, and even his most chatty posts have an erudite but self-deprecating edge.

designer furniture online


Bodie and Fou

Karine Candice is a French expat living in London who shares her inspirations, life and all-round creative ingenuity with the world via this blog. Go to the My Home section and sigh at the beauty of her residences (note the plural there). Then click on other links to check out the wonders she’s worked in different rooms – the naff old kitchen cupboards that she has transformed with black paint and a stainless-steel worktop, the charcoal-grey daughter’s nursery, the old pallet turned into a chic (no, really) coffee table.


Decor8 is the name on virtually every other interiors blogger’s blogroll, and with good reason. In six years it’s become such a popular design resource that its American founder, Holly Becker, now has a bestselling spin-off book to her name and is a regular on the lecture circuit.